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Ernest White II - Storyteller,

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

What destination do you look forward to returning to? South Africa. It's where I feel most at home on this planet. The warmth of the people, the natural beauty, the fresh and tasty food...I love South Africa.

How do you approach personal safety when writing about destinations that might have anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment or laws in place? Recognizing that I've been granted with a tall, cisgender male body, which is very much a privilege that grants me access to spaces that may not be safe for other people in our community, I'm a believer in building bridges. I have traveled to and written about destinations that have anti-LGBTQ+ laws in place and have met some of the most heartfelt, welcoming people who have been vocally opposed to those laws, and I've met some people whose perspectives have changed once meeting and getting to know me. That personal engagement is how people start to relate to human beings they had previously viewed as irreconcilably different. And let's not forget that there are plenty of states in the US with anti-LGBTQ+ laws on the books.

What is a story you've always wanted to tell? I've yet to write my own story, the whole story about the factors that led me to living abroad and traveling to 70 countries around the world. It's been equal parts running from and running to. Maybe I'll get around to it one day.

Have you had any negative experiences on the road that you think others could learn from? The negative experiences I've had while traveling have almost always been more about my skin color and perceived caste position than about my sexuality, but I haven't and won't let those experiences stop me from being fully in and of the world. Like my parents, who grew up during segregation in the American South, I refuse to judge a group of people by the actions of one. I might judge the heck outta that one person, though.

What are your go-to sites, social media feeds, or media for planning a personal trip? I generally book personal travel via and Momondo, though I also book flights and hotels directly at the websites.

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