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Diverse places deserve diverse storytellers—and yet, travel media has gazed at the world through a white lens for far too long. We’re here to celebrate the varied voices in travel media that are bringing the world to life with their unique perspectives. These writers, photographers, content creators, and publicists showcase how Travel Is Better in Color

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Paula Franklin, Branding Consultant 

Born in San Diego, Paula has lived in Berlin, DC, and New York. She’s worked in travel for almost two decades where she has focused her work on the intersection of hospitality, philanthropy, and culture. 

Paula’s personal travel style in five words: Explore, eat, shop, get lost.

Most recent travel discovery: Accra is great for karaoke.

Instagram: @pdpfranklin


Jeralyn Gerba, Cofounder and editorial director, Fathom 

Born and raised in New York, Jeralyn runs Fathom, a travel website, advisory service, podcast, and book series. 

Jeralyn’s personal travel style in five words: Hey! What's that over there?

Most memorable travel experience: Befriending an 89-year-old Burmese man at the Hong Kong airport after talking politics; drinking whiskey with him and his 92-year-old brother in Yangon two weeks later.

Instagram: @jgerba, @fathomwaytogo


Naledi K. Khabo, CEO, Africa Tourism Association

Born in South Africa, Naledi grew up in the US and currently resides in NYC. She runs the Africa Tourism Association, whose mission is to promote tourism to and within Africa. 

Naledi’s personal travel style in five words: Just go with the flow!

A story only she could tell: The duality of a South African-born exile growing up Black in the US, returning to South Africa as an adult, and ending up promoting Africa for a living.

Instagram: @naledi, @worldtoafrica


Sarah Khan, Freelance travel journalist

Born in Canada, Sarah has also lived in Saudi Arabia, India, the US, and South Africa. As a travel journalist, she’s reported from six continents for the New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, Food & Wine, and many others.

Sarah’s personal travel style in five words: Sleep on the flight back.

Dream assignment: I have some Uzbek ancestry, and I’d love to take my parents and siblings to Samarkand to learn more about it.

Instagram: @BySarahKhan


Nestor Lara Baeza, Partner, Xhibition PR

Born in Mexico and raised in northern California, Nestor currently resides in New York City, where he runs the international travel public relations firm Xhibition.

Nestor’s personal travel style in five(ish) words: Plan in advance but live in the moment.

A travel souvenir he didn’t buy: I came upon a beautifully carved kabuki-style mask in a souvenir shop in Nikko, Japan. I couldn't make up my mind about purchasing it and carrying it around with me for the rest of the day, so I left it behind. I spent the rest of the trip thinking about it, wishing I could go back out of the way to get my hands on it.

Instagram: @nestoreando


Is your travel company on the verge of becoming a neocolonialist enterprise? Travel brands should be as diverse as the people and places they speak to, and Travel Is Better in Color can help bring richer perspectives to your company. We can reimagine your branding to appeal to wider demographics, help identify gaps in your social media, identify conference speakers from varied backgrounds, and much more. 

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